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Mis en avant

I started this blog in 2011, and have had a little fun over the years posting random little tidbits, every now and then. Everything here is related to my wonderful obsession… all things French.  As you will see, there are gaps, sometimes big ones, between  entires.  This is because  I have many other blogs going, one for many of our yearly visits to Paris– probably not a good way to go about things, as it turns out.  So, I have decided that from this point forward, everything that relates to my passion for France and French will be posted here. Voila.

And one more thing . Over the years I have been working hard towards the quest for fluency in French.  I may begin to post in both languages now- my brain would profit from this, bien sûr.

Donc… bienvenue dans mon blog, et n’hésitez pas de laisser des commentaires!

Sept. 7, 2016


Movie Night. Toute une Histoire!

Went to the movies in Montparnasse tonight ( right up the street) with Bev, and as it turns out, we saw the wrong movie. Intended to see Le Fils de Jean, but instead we saw Frantz. Too late to leave once we realized the error. Best mistake we could have made. Absolutely wonderful movie. Went to café Odessa afterwards, for a petit verre, and had a lively discussion about the film.

And thank you to the lady at the ticket counter who refused to believe we were « seniors » and had us show ID. She wasn’t too happy, as she had to void the first sale, and redo. How often does THAT happen!

Cafe 6

Great lunch today in a little (but wonderful) restaurant on rue Guisard in SGDP. Cafe 6 gets 5 stars from us.

Having fun before our meal. Little photo shoot.

The sauce on this chicken dish was… I just can’t find a word that would do it justice. Delicious would be un mot bien trop faible.

Leo calls this the « Holy Trinity ». Chocolate, coffee, and wine. Yes indeed.


Un cliché de l’exterieure de Cafe 6.